Nutritional Balancing with Hair Analysis Testing

2010 - Present - Mentored and Trained with Lawrence Wilson, MD – Listed as a
Holistic Health Practitioner on his website

2008 - Holistic Health Practitioner – Certified by the Global College of Natural Medicine, Santa Cruz, California -

Divine Spark Energy Worker

2006 - Reconnective Energy Healings I, II & III - Technique taught by Dr. Eric Pearl (Heal Others, Heal Yourself) in Tampa, Florida.

2005- Reiki I and Reiki II - Certification in Usui Shiki Energy Work

2005– Long Distance Healings – Visualization technique with
 Tracey Owen of

Mission:   Bring light and healing into the world with compassion to all mankind.
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Kathleen Kordas, HHP

Nutritional Mineral Balance with
Hair Analysis Testing

Divine Spark Energy Worker

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