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Nutritional Balancing with Hair Analysis Testing Gave me back My Quality of Life and it can Save yours too!
Kwan Yin
Nutritional Balancing with Hair Analysis -  Take a small sample of your Hair to bring mineral balancing, remove toxic metals and follow an Alkaline diet that can prevent illness.  Nutritional Balancing will help to rebuild your body by reversing the aging process in an non-evasive fashion.

Your hair sample is processed by (Analytic Research Labs) and you will receive a Hair Analysis Chart of your Mineral Imbalances and your toxic metals within the body.  Dr. Larry Wilson will review everyone's chart and give his interpretation along with recommending a supplement program.   

Chart #1 My First Mineral Chart - See how badly my minerals are out of balance. Chart #2 my Minerals are balanced and I feel great.

Chart #1 - Beginning Hair Analysis Aug. 2010 

Chart #2 - Ending Hair Analysis April, 2012

Today I specialize in Nutritional Balancing  work.  Reach out for your free 15 minute Hair Analysis Consultation.

(203) 984-6104 (Cell)        or        (203) 866-0432 (Home)

Nutritional Balancing with Hair Analysis Testing is $150.00.
Hair Analysis Booklet is $35.00.  Retests are $125.00.

Lawrence Wilson, M.D.  has over 30 years expereience as a BioChemist and Nutritionist and he will guide you to balancing your minerals and detoxing the body.

Dr. Wilson's website:  http://www.drlwilson.com